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"There is no substitute for a good substitute teacher."

Due to the numerous requests for a FREE checklist from visitors to our site, it is now a permanent part of STT Online. Please feel free to download or print out for your future use.

Lesson Plans:
_____age/suject appropriate worksheets
_____read-aloud books
_____deck of cards
_____pair of dice
_____commercial board/card games
_____list of online appropriate websites for subject matter/children
_____portfolio of specific lesson plans for subject(s)you will teach

_____colored pencils
_____masking tape
_____transparent tape
_____index cards
_____paper clips
_____self-stick notes

Consumable Materials:
_____egg cartons
_____paper plates/cups
_____popsicle/craft sticks
_____toilet paper/paper towel tubes
_____drinking straws
_____old catalogs

Rewards and Incentives:
_____candy (sugarless is best)
_____pencil grips
_____puzzle books
_____small toys
_____trading cards
_____scratch pads

(Copyright 2002 by J. Ramirez, STT Online--POWER Press Publications)

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